Delivering Proactive Maintenance Services For Properties in Boston

Platinum Realty Group provides a set of comprehensive property maintenance services for Boston’s neighborhoods that protect your investment, maintain its longevity, and boost its market value over time.

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Regular Property Inspections

We conduct regular inspections to assess the habitability of the property and ensure that the rental is in optimum working order.

Our team goes the extra mile to determine any essential upgrades required and undertake immediate maintenance to make necessary changes.

Quality Repairs Services

We have established a strong network of local vendors and licensed contractors in Boston that we leverage to provide high-quality repair services to our clients.

These professional maintenance specialists offer trustworthy, reliable, and reasonable deals with our referral.

Renovation & Upgrades

Your Boston rental property can undergo natural deterioration over time. We understand the inconvenience your renters may face due to wear and tear in the property and suggest renovations accordingly to maintain the market value of your property.

The One-Stop-Shop Solution For All Your Property Maintenance Needs

Platinum Realty Group is home to exceptional property managers, with years of experience to their credit. With every client, we are ready to understand your maintenance-related concerns and resolve them ASAP.

We have a very hands-on approach to addressing your tenants’ complaints and provide regular property maintenance to them to reduce discomfort. With us, you can comfortably say goodbye to all your worries related to regular rental upkeep and property maintenance.


Strategic Marketing

Yard Maintenance

Great curb appeal is essential to create a good first impression when rental applicants come for a showing.

To ensure that your property looks attractive and appealing at all times, we provide regular yard maintenance including lawn care, trash removal, and cleaning.

After-Hours Emergency Repairs

Our team is accessible 24/7 to address your tenants’ maintenance requests. If there is an emergency situation like a gas leak, burst pipe, or extended power outage, we handle it immediately and effectively. Our in-house staff is prepared to cope with such situations. Plus, we have emergency maintenance specialists on speed dial as well.

Preventative Maintenance

Irregular or delayed maintenance can give your tenants and you a lot of trouble, so we undertake preventative maintenance to avoid putting you in such a difficult situation in the first place.

Our precautionary measures include regular inspection of the property to spot potential repair issues and fix them before they grow into anything bigger.

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