Project Management Services for Boston Investment Properties

Improving your Boston investment property will bring a number of benefits, including higher property values, safer residential communities, and stable growth.

Platinum Realty Group is a leading property management firm in Boston managing single-family homes, multi-family residences, condominiums, and community associations.

Good property management is impossible without excellent project management. We’re your go-to resource for starting, managing, and completing whatever work you need.

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Establishing a Scope of Work

What does your intended project look like? Maybe it’s a simple roof replacement. Or, it might be some capital improvements to a building that has been showing its age. Many times, we encounter property owners who know what they want to do, but they’re not sure how to organize it into an action plan.

That’s why you hire Boston property managers who are also project managers. At Platinum Realty Group, we can establish a scope of work and execute your plans.

Costs and Budgets

Spending is always a huge concern, whether you’re undertaking a full renovation or choosing the most important projects to start with as you move towards a larger goal.

We’re great with budgeting. We have tools, resources, and a network of highly qualified vendors and contractors who are willing to give us their best prices.

We’ll talk about your budget. We’ll respect your limits. We’ll support your non-negotiables

Deadlines and Timelines

Projects drag on for longer than you anticipate are not success stories.

We create success stories.

Our attention to deadlines and timelines and our ability to hold contractors and sub-contractors accountable to their commitments will leave your project finished on-time, even as we remain flexible to the events we cannot control.

We’re detail-oriented and we’re efficient. There’s no waiting around for your project to be completed.

Leverage Our Network of Maintenance and Construction Relationships for Boston Property Improvements

When it’s time to have some work done on your property or within your HOA, you’ll need some help contracting with the best, most qualified, and affordably priced contractors, subcontractors, vendors, and maintenance professionals.

We have those connections.

Our reputation for exceptional Boston property management is well-known. Contractors enjoy working with us and are happy to prioritize our projects. You don’t have to wait for scheduling to work in your favor. You don’t have to worry about overpaying.

We bring you the right relationships.


Contractors and Subcontractors

As your project managers, we manage relationships with your contractor and multiple subcontractors. We have the skills needed to coordinate work between vendors. We establish systems and procedures that ensure deadlines are met.

We gather the right partners to get the job done correctly.

Project management leadership calls for collaboration and leadership, and that’s what we provide at Platinum Realty Group.

Project Problem-Solving

We have managed enough projects for property owners and HOAs to know that things won’t always be perfect. No matter how careful our planning. No matter how strict our schedules.

We know how to be flexible.

We have the tools to adjust.

Quick decision-making is required, and you can trust us with that responsibility. As your project managers, we’re driven by deadlines and time management. So, we resolve issues quickly. We solve problems creatively.

Budget Management and Financial Risk

Every investor worries about spending more money than they want to, even if it’s to improve the condition of their investment.

We work with you on a budget and we stick with it.

As your project managers, expect us to consistently perform cost to benefit analyses. This will help financial decision-making and support the budgetary boundaries you have in place.

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